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CycleKarts are small, lightweight, nimble machines made by their drivers for the pursuit of motoring fun. They're not serious speed-machines or status-generating show cars. They are built purely for the fun of building them and driven purely for the gritty fun and satisfaction of tearing around in a machine you've built yourself. They are not racing cars, nor is CycleKarting a competitive motorsport.

Cyclekarts are based on the aesthetics of the CycleCARS of the 1920's and 1930's that used motorcycle engines and a lightweight chassis to create massive power-to weight ratios to outpace their heavier contemporaries.

CycleKARTS on the other hand are built to an approximate 2:1 scale using go-kart running gear and motorcycle wheels. They are basically a speed limited go-kart with a body style that is built as a tribute to a CycleCar of old. They can resemble any pre-war era or similar open wheeled racing car and often draw from specific historical cars as inspiration.

As a class of driving machine, these are home built DIY machines that are not designed and built with full speed racing in mind. They are definitely NOT racing cars. The CycleKart specifications limit certain aspects of the design to maintain good sporting performance but ensure a level of safety without jeopardising the light-hearted nature of the sport. This is achieved by using the go-kart mechanicals and a nominated engine, which keeps speeds to a safer less fatal level. Whilst it is possible to use motorcycle engines, manual gearboxes, uprated suspension and other modifications to go super fast, once you move away from using go-kart components and following the basic CycleKart formula, it is no longer regarded a CycleKart and is essentially a true CycleCar

CycleKarts and their builders / drivers don't like to take things too seriously, and certainly not themselves or each other. Overzealous competitiveness is frowned upon, and a win-at-any-cost attitude is not really the ethos of CycleKarting. Good gentlemanly (and ladylike) sporting behaviour and conduct is encouraged, with the main aim simply being to have fun. If you are not smiling then put simply - 'you are not doing it right'.

A good way to look at CycleKarting is first and foremost as a hobby and build community much like the vintage car or hot rod scenes and not as a true competitive motorsport. Aesthetics and community are more important than speed and winning.


History: Where it all started

The Cyclekart was first conceived and built by Peter and Michael Stevenson in California back in 1995 and was designed to mimic the CycleCars of the 1920's and 1930's. Based on Go-kart mechanicals, the Stevenson's CycleKart was an accessible easy to build machine that was fun to drive.

The quirky appeal of these machines was quickly taken up by others and over the decades since that first machine was constructed the sport of CycleKarting has grown to all reaches of the globe.

Whilst over time small improvements have been made to the original basic design, and adopted by the wider community, the overall ethos of CycleKarting has remained true to the Stevenson's original vision. 

To get an idea of what that vision is, we recommend that you visit the Stevensons website and familiarise yourself with the information there. Specifically the specifications, thoughts on improvements and FAQ's to get an understanding of the background and origins of the hobby and the ethos of what CycleKarting is all about. With that knowledge in mind, you will have a better understanding of what constitutes a CycleKart and why. 

Of course, there is always debate on what is and isn't a CycleKart, especially from those who are new to the sport, the Facebook page seems to have a contrary point of view on an almost daily basis, but the breakdown of what constitutes a CycleKart is firmly defined by those who first invented them, and those who continue to promote the sport in its purest form. This definition is the one that we follow here at CKCA and is the definition that is accepted by the wider CycleKart community.

A good run down of what a Cyclekart is and isn't can be seen in the following video courtesy of Steve Vinson - 

There is also a good breakdown on the Huntsville GP website 

In terms of what constitutes a CKCA CycleKart, the CKCA technical definition can be found on the Specifications page along with the reasons that a technical definition exists.


How do I get one?

Unfortunately you cannot officially buy a CycleKart. A CycleKart is something that you traditionally have to make yourself. Of course it is fine to get assistance from other CycleKart owners, and therein lay some of the fun and a big part of the reason that we exist, but essentially building your CycleKart is part of the rite of passage, just like building a lightsaber is a rite of passage for a Jedi. 

To fit in with the CycleKart ethos of having the most fun with the least machine, the guidelines for construction follow a set formula. Not only does this ensure that all CycleKarts are more-or-less equal, but the limitations placed on design and construction also ensure that they remain safer to use.

Basic dimensions, as well as engine and transmission type are nominated in the specifications which can be found on the specifications page and in the Cyclekart Handbook, but overall design and constriction methods are down to the individual.

Pssst. Don't worry if you bought your CycleKart rather than built it, you will still be welcomed in the community. We know that from time to time CycleKarts get sold and will need a new custodian, just as any vintage car eventually does. All are welcomed here.


What Next?

Whilst Cyclekarts have gained a large following in the USA and some parts of Europe, and despite being at this for about 5 years here in Australia, CycleKarting is still very much in its infancy on our shores. At present there are no regular events and only a smattering of owners with finished Cyclekarts.  Aussie Cyclekarts was set up back in 2018 with the hope that it would promote Cyclekarting in Australia and help bring Cyclekart builders together. It is obviously much more fun racing with other Cyclekarts involved. Growth of the sport has been slow, but we are now seeing an increased interest and more people are starting to build Cyclekarts and spread the word. The Website and Facebook pages were created to help bring people together and foster collaboration on building Cyclekarts and organising events. That same goal still stands today. 

Cyclekarts are a true community sport and it is a great vehicle (no pun intended) for bringing people together. It is enjoyed by both spectators and drivers alike. There are lots of opportunities for people to get involved in all aspects of the 'sport', from helping others on their builds to organising and taking part in events. This could be something that your local Menshed or Makerspace takes up, or perhaps a School or College project. Our aim is to try and facilitate this by helping to connect people and provide basic technical resources.

If you are considering building a Cyclekart be sure to create a build page, if you have yet to do this you should see a link at the top of the website. Please keep us updated with your progress. The more activity we have on the website and Facebook page, the more people will see it and more people will get involved and build their own and act as inspiration and source of reference for others. This cycle is what will fuel the growth of the sport (more puns). Think of it a bit like 'paying it forwards'. 

Also check out whether there is a Cyclekart group in your area on the Groups page. If you don't see one, please consider starting one. Again if you visit the groups page and see a group for your local area you are probably going to join it. So if you are the first from your area, creating a group gives others the opportunity to reach out and connect with you.

"Build one and they will come" as Kevin Costner maybe once said



There's a heap of good resources out there on the interwebs, which is increasing as time passes. In addition to the resources section right here on the website, there is a forum and marketplace, as well as a photos and videos section that you can peruse to get ideas and inspiration from. Please feel free to share any Videos that you come across and don't forget to share your build by creating a build page.


Another way to connect with other Cyclekart owners / builders / fans is to join our Facebook page. For the most part we try to encourage participation here on the website as there are less distractions and posts are more permanent, but if social media is more your thing the FB page is another good resource.


Of course, we would not even have Cyclekarts if it was not for the efforts of Peter and Michael Stevenson. The originators of the Cyclekart. Please go visit their website and get the lowdown on how Cyclekarts came to be and their vision on what the sport is and isn't

The CycleKarts Website -


The North America Cyclekart Facebook page is another great resource. They have over 11,000 members and a wealth of knowledge and inspiration can be had there. It is the main hub of Cyclekarting in the USA

The CycleKarts Facebook page -


Steve Vinson's Youtube channel is a great resource, he covers all aspects of CycleKarting and CycleKart building.

Steve also runs the Arizona Cyclekart group on Facebook which is another great resource. 


There is also the CyclekartClub website, which hosts forums and build pages and has a lot of active members, technical discussions and photos to refer to 


If you are based in New Zealand you might want to also check out the CycleKarts New Zealand group - 



Credits for some of the the text used above, as well as creation of the CycleKart phenomenon, and development of the original CycleKart specifications on which ours are based, go to Peter and Michael Stevenson -  the creators and ultimate authority on the CycleKart. You can find a heap more information and a bunch of cool photos on The CycleKart website.


If you would like to contribute to the Website, the Facebook page or any other aspect of what we are trying to do here at CKCA please feel free to reach out to the admins. We are always happy for contributions such as articles and technical material that we can add to the resources section. If you think that it might help someone else and are happy to document what you have done then let us know. And of course don't forget to document your build with a Build Page. Visitors love looking through photos and descriptions of how CycleKarts are constructed. It provides both inspiration and a technical reference of how they can build their own CycleKart. 


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Aussie Cyclekarts acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country and their connections to land, sea and community. 

We pay respect to Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.


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